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Solar charging backpacks

Imagine being lost in the woods and having no resourceful way to get out. Some people download all kinds of useful applications on their phones in case they get lost, but then they find themselves with a battery that lasts no more than half a day if they are using apps and keeping the phone on at all times. This had made technology very useless in this kind of situation and the battery life in most of those gadgets is never good enough. This is the reason why the focus has shifted from long lasting batteries to find the best alternate resources available for recharging devices and the solar backpack was born out of that need. Now people can rely on a never-ending source of energy that will charge up during the day and provide the required energy to the cell phones in order to make use of their features. This is not only ideal if you get lost, but also if you want to go on a camping trip for a few days and you need to get some work done during your trip. It will provide the required energy as many days as you need it and the backpack has been deseing to protect the energy panel that charges up to be used with the device of your preference.
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